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  1. HTTP/2 Push


    HTTP/2 Push is a feature of the latest HTTP revision that enables the web server to preemptively send resources to the requesting client before the client knows that they are needed. As a result, the number of round-trips that are required to fully load a web page may be reduced, resulting in a potentially large performance boost (especially on slow cellular networks).

    System Requirements

    Several system requirements must be met before you can make appropriate use of this plugin:

    1. PHP 7.1+
    2. Joomla! 3.8+
    3. HTTP/2 web server with push capability:
      1. Apache 2.4.17+ (with mod_http2)
      2. NGINX 1.13.9+


    Click here to download the latest release of the plugin. Once the plugin is downloaded, navigate to 'Extensions' > 'Manage' > 'Install' on your Joomla! site, then click on the 'Upload Package File' tab. Next, drag the downloaded ZIP archive into the upload area to install it.

    Tip: For extra security, make sure that the "Verified" tag appears in the left column on the release page. This means that the release was signed and validated using GPG.


    Configuration for this plugin can be found on your Joomla! site under 'Extensions' > 'Plugins' by searching for 'HTTP/2 Push' and clicking on the plugin name.

    Once you reach the plugin configuration page, hover over the field labels for a detailed description of each.

    Implementation Details

    This project is a system plugin for Joomla! that intercepts the onAfterRender event. Once the event is triggered, the plugin parses the HTTP response body to find any applicable resources that can be configured for preload or preconnect.

    The plugin then sets a Link header to inform the web server about the resulting resources. Once the web server is made aware, all (or some) of the resources are pushed to the client.


    This plugin was originally written by Clay Freeman for Bluewall, LLC.


    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with this program. If not, see

  2. XT Search for Algolia

    ✔ Instant Search and Autocompletion for Your Site, powered by Algolia

    XT Search for Algolia integrates your site and Algolia. Algolia is the smartest way to improve search on your site. Autocomplete and Instant Search are included, along with full control over the look, feel and relevance.

    What is Algolia?

    Algolia is a hosted full-text, numerical, and faceted search engine capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke. Algolia delivers products to accelerate search and discovery experiences across any device and platform.

    • Help customers find what they are searching for. Create frictionless find-to-conversion paths by connecting users with exactly what they're looking for, with lightning fast and highly relevant search.
    • Create a path for customers to discover. Go beyond the search box with navigation, browse, and content discovery experiences powered by Algolia.
    • Design predictive and natural interactions. Build immersive experiences that surface unexpected and relevant content to surprise and delight users.


    • Integration of your site with Algolia, with no more complications than the connector configuration.
    • Integration with Joomla Content (Articles), K2, SobiPro ... and more coming!
    • Improved navigation by instant search and autocompletion. Modules for instant search and autocompletion.
    • Search relevance: textual, business and personalization at user and group level, powered by Algolia engine.
    • Search beyond the box: improve the UX by browsing, faceting and suggestions.

    Main Features

    XT Search for Algolia has mainly three features to implement Algolia Search.

    1. XT Autocompletion module

    This is the primary module that renders a simple search box. This module displays search results “as you type” in an autocomplete menu using Algolia’s search engine.

    2. XT Instant Search module

    This module allows creating an instant search results page where the whole page (results, filters, facets and pagination) is updated as you type, to provide end-users with a lightning-fast search experience.

    3. XT Indexer

    The indexer process is the heart of the extension. It crawls the site and processes the information to submit it to Algolia’s search engine. At this time, it has connectors to Joomla Articles, K2 and SobiPro. The indexer process can be executed from the backend, externally via an URL or from the server command line (CLI).

    Examples and Demos

    In our demo site, you can check how XT Search for Algolia works with SobiPro. Please, check it here in the demo site, where you can find a SobiPro v1.4.7 business directory, with 2.000 more entries to fill the catalog.

    List of Features

    • Control Panel
      • Index Generation
    • Connectors
      • Joomla Articles
      • K2
      • SobiPro
        • Dynamic-Fields Support
    • Algolia
      • Full Indexation
    • Cron Job
      • Command Line
      • WebCron Job
    • Modules
      • Autocompletion module
      • Instant Search module
      • Categories Support
      • Dynamic Faceting Support
    • Install from Web and Live Updates

    Future Roadmap

    • Algolia
      • Incremental Indexation
    • Dynamic-Fields support for Articles
    • Multi-Connector User Interface
    • Multi-Index Architecture
  3. AM Quick Sale

    AM Quick Sale It is a package consisting of a component and a plugin. In the bundle, they allow you to add to any content button selling files via PayPal. Your customers will be able to receive files immediately after payment. Also implemented a free download and donation.

    The main advantage of Quick Sale is the ability to sell files not only to one seller, but also to his friends and family. Everyone with sufficient rights can upload and sell files making a profit in his PayPal account. Also, one user can have many different PayPal accounts.

    All PayPal credentials (API Username, API Password and API Signature) are stored in encrypted form and are not available to other users even SuperUser. All your files are stored in a separate folder and are not available to other users.

    AM Quick Sale - fast payment and instant download of files after payment.

    - PayPal Express Checkout.
    - Free download files / Donation.
    - Instant download.
    - Many different credentials of the sellers.
    - PayPal Data encryption.
    - File name encryption.
    - PayPal Sandbox and Live for each product.
    - Fixed and percent tax.
    - Logging for debugging.

    Tested PHP 7.2, Joomla 3.8.8 and Joomla 4

    Supported file types:
    - Audio: mp3, wav, wma, aac, ape, flac, ogg, etc.
    - Video: mp4, avi, mov, flv, mkv, mpg, mpeg, rmvb, etc.
    - Document: pdf, word, ppt, excel, etc.
    - Other: zip, rar, 7zip, psd, ai, etc.

    "Australian Dollar" ="AUD"
    "Brazilian Real" ="BRL"
    "Canadian Dollar " ="CAD"
    "Czech Koruna" ="CZK"
    "Danish Krone" ="DKK"
    "Euro" ="EUR"
    "Hong Kong Dollar" ="HKD"
    "Hungarian Forint" ="HUF"
    "Israeli New Sheqel" ="ILS"
    "Japanese Yen" ="JPY"
    "Malaysian Ringgit" ="MYR"
    "Mexican Peso" ="MXN"
    "Norwegian Krone" ="NOK"
    "New Zealand Dollar"="NZD"
    "Philippine Peso" ="PHP"
    "Polish Zloty" ="PLN"
    "Pound Sterling" ="GBP"
    "Russian Ruble" ="RUB"
    "Singapore Dollar" ="SGD"
    "Swedish Krona" ="SEK"
    "Swiss Franc" ="CHF"
    "Taiwan New Dollar" ="TWD"
    "Thai Baht" ="THB"
    "Turkish Lira" = "TRY"
    "U.S. Dollar" ="USD"

  4. DJ-Messages

    Private messaging in Joomla with clear Inbox!

    DJ-Messages is easy to setup Joomla PMS (Private Messaging System) that lets website users communicate with each other by using a simple inbox/outbox solution.
    It is also integrated with DJ-Classifieds out of the box.

    Contact system between users

    DJ-Messages allows users to send private messages to other users registered on the same website. Each user has their own inbox and can quickly respond to the received message.

    Available settings:
    - show inbox to view notifications and quickly get to the message
    - show users list to quickly select the user to whom to send a private message

    Contact system between advertisers and buyers

    DJ-Messages integrates with DJ-Classifieds seamlessly. Allow buyers to quickly contact advertisers using private messages. Inquiries sent via the contact form on the advert details page will go directly to the advertiser's inbox.

    Available options:
    - show custom fields related to user profiles on the message list
    - show a link to user profile page on the message list

    Show consent to private messages on the registration form

    During registration you can display additional fields so that users can decide if they want to use private messages and whether their profile should be visible to other users allowing for sending messages.

    Available options:
    - choose whether users should be able to receive messages by default
    - choose whether the profile link should be visible to others by default

    Easy management of private messages

    DJ-Messages allows easy management of received and sent messages. They can be archived as well as trashed. Built-in search and sorting options allow you to quickly find messages you are looking for.

    Available options:
    - sort by subject, name or date
    - search by keyword
    - filter by adverts
    - archive messages
    - trash and restore messages
    - mark as read or unread

    Universal theme for Joomla templates

    DJ-Messages comes with a universal theme that looks outstanding on many popular Joomla templates. The theme is fully responsive which means it works great on phones and tablets. It is also compatible with the Right-To-Left (RTL) languages.

    Features in one list:

    • a direct communication between Joomla users
    • DJ-Classifieds integration for "Contact this advertiser"
    • display inbox to view notifications and quickly get to the message
    • display users list to quickly select the user to whom to send a private message
    • display custom fields related to user profiles on the message list
    • show a link to user profile page on the message list
    • choose whether users should be able to receive messages by default
    • choose whether the profile link should be visible to others by default
    • sort by subject, name or date
    • search by keyword
    • filter by adverts
    • archive messages
    • trash and restore messages
    • mark as read or unread
    • Fast loading (AJAX requests)
    • List of users module
    • E-mail notifications
    • Attachments to messages
    • Friendly admin panel
    • Inbox module
    • Quick reply form
  5. Virtuemart Product Slider

    Virtuemart product slider help to display product in slider module, it contains imags, title, price and add to cart button. You can display product by category or from all category. Rich backend to manage display of title,price and cart button. It also contain style setting to make it more impressive.


    ✔ Show product from selected category or all
    ✔ Product type selection
    ✔ Hide/Show setting for title, price and cart button
    ✔ Auto play on/off setting
    ✔ Auto play time setting
    ✔ Display setting for navigation and pagination
    ✔ Rich style setting
    ✔ Compatibility with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x.
    ✔ Responsive design and set will all devices.

    ★ SUPPORT:

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